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Damian Creamer answers a lot of questions that those looking into online school ask.

His credentials:

Damian Creamer>, founder of Primavera Online High School, was the guest last week on Live Talk Wednesday, talking about secondary education via the computer.

Creamer formerly was an enrollment counselor at the University of Phoenix.

“Their (online) program was in its infancy and it was a unique opportunity to be involved with such a dynamic organization as they pioneered online education at the post-secondary level,” he said.

Afterward, he helped a small charter school in the West Valley found two additional charter schools.

Creamer opened Primavera Technical Learning Center (the predecessor to Primavera Online High School) in 2001.

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Hubert Rowry’s memories of his public school education still haunt him.

As a black student growing up in Beaumont and Austin, Rowry, now 33, says he often felt isolated and ignored in school. White teachers seemed to give white students more attention than to black students, and that affected his learning and self-esteem, said the Cypress resident.

“So many things happened to me in terms of racism from teachers, principals and other students,” Rowry said. “I decided I’m not going to subject my kids to that.”

His three children, ages 8, 6 and 3, have never been in a traditional classroom. He and his wife, Chelsea, home school them.

Once seen by many blacks as something only whites do, home schooling has steadily gained momentum in the black community in the past eight years and is expected to continue to grow, say home school experts.


Web-based Home School Inc. in Des Plaines is gearing up for expansion.

The company’s Web site,, has garnered 20,000 registered users and about 40,000 daily visitors interested in home schooling.

The site now offers reference materials, a bookstore and a community of other like-minded educators. It also provides a planner that allows parents to set up their school, plan curriculum, create assignments, chart progress and keep records for each child safe and secure.

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A Wisconsin appeals court ruled last week that the Wisconsin Virtual Academy online school was violating state law by allowing parents to assume the duties of state-licensed teachers.

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With CollegeKey, Laurel Springs 9th to 12th grade high school students work closely with their own personal mentor including weekly conferences throughout the entire college preparation and admission process. One-to-one coaching helps students develop their personal, academic and professional goals as they mature through the high school years.

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The Florida Virtual School landed high marks in a recent study by a Florida taxpayer watchdog group.

Students in the school – celebrating its 10th year as an online option for middle school and high school students on the Internet – consistently outperformed their traditional school counterparts in Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test scores, Advanced Placement scores and overall grades, a Florida TaxWatch study found.

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An enrollment drop in 10 of 14 Snohomish County districts has school leaders wondering where the students have gone.

Enrollment declined across the county by more than 300 students, slipping to 107,445, according to head counts taken by the districts last month.

What’s most perplexing is the dip is occurring while hundreds of new homes across the county are being built and moved into.

One answer:

The Edmonds School District surveyed families earlier this year and found more than 40 students who said they were planning to enroll in an online school this fall. Edmonds is now considering starting its own online program.

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Only Steilacoom, which has a burgeoning online school, posted a big increase in students. Enrollment in the state’s oldest school district is up nearly 39 percent over 2006, according to Oct. 1 student head counts reported to the state.

But most of those new students get their classes online through the district’s Washington Virtual Academy, said Lark Moore, director of finance for the Steilacoom Historical School District.

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Not enough students enrolled so it wasn’t self-sufficient, but then it offered a limited number of courses. Online schools are doing well when done right.

As other school districts launch or expand online instruction programs, the Peninsula School District is suspending its effort.

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Another charter school has added an exciting facet to the mix: iQ Academies at Wisconsin through the School District of Waukesha. The online high school (among the first of its kind in the nation) allows Wisconsin teens to complete their course work online at home. It’s a perfect match for kids on the go with sports or arts performances, kids with physical, medical or emotional challenges, or kids who want to set their own pace for learning.

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